The farm dates back to almost a century ago, when my enterprising grandfather, Ernesto, set up the business, and then gradually handed over control to his offspring. Over time, Ernesto's family worked hard to develop and consolidate Rossi ROberta the Rossi Roberta Farm as a fruit grower specialising in cherries,, apricots,, plums, and peaches.
The farm spreads over around 40 hectares and covers several parcels of agricultural land in the area spanning the Italian provinces of Bologna and Modena. The characteristics of the local terrain make it suitable for growing fruit trees in general and in particular the famous cherries known locally as “duroni”. Unleashing my imagination, I decided to try my hand at a new venture, and began growing berries. Although only a small part of the activities at present, I strongly believe that these new crops are worthy of attention and offer great potential. I have already grown and harvested yellow and red raspberries, currants, and blackberries and find it hugely satisfying to see the crates brimming with these mouth-watering fruits!!

Whenever I feel plagued by difficulties or heavy with tiredness (as can happen sometimes), I allow myself a moment of pessimism, but then ... I look up, moving my gaze to the horizon stretching out before me, and over my orchards, and I feel a smile creep back onto my face!

Hail and rain protection

antigrandine antipioggia Let's look briefly at some more technical aspects of the farm. With registered premises located in Vignola, in addition to offering considerable experience in the industry, the farm also offers crop protection in the form of hail netting for the plums, apricots and peaches; the cherries, meanwhile are protected by rain netting to prevent the cherries cracking as a result of heavy rains. All the planted land is provided with irrigation through an artesian well system, which keeps crops perfectly watered during dry periods, and allows us to enrich the land using fertigation methods.

This brief overview of Rossi Roberta Farm cannot provide as full a description of the farm as I would have liked. I do hope though, that it conveys my passion for my work and my professionalism, and how I pursue and achieve my end goal of producing "fruits of excellence".

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