Shiro plums

susina Shiro

A vigorous, productive, self-incompatible tree with a mainly open habit. Medium-sized round or heart-shaped fruits, yellow or light green in colour; clingstone with moderately firm yellow flesh, very juicy and quite sweet. Harvest: in mid-July.

Regina Claudia greengages

susine regina claudia

A beautiful form and unassuming colour, this greengage beats them all when it comes to delicacy, juice content, and flavour. Medium to large round fruits, with a marked suture line, attached by rather short stalk. The skin is thin, greenish in colour.
Ripening takes place in the second half of July.


Amola plums

susina amola

Medium-sized fruits, skin is yellow, flesh is yellow. Excellent flavour. Suitable for drying. In place of origin, it is harvested in late July.

October Sun plums

Susine October Sun

The tree is vigorous, with a spreading habit, very productive, and self-incompatible.
Fruits are large, even, and egg-shaped, featuring a pinkish yellow skin that turns a purplish red when ripe; juicy, pinkish yellow flesh, with an excellent flavour.


Black Amber plums

Susine Black Amber

A medium-vigour tree with erect habit, high crop capacity, self-incompatible.
Large, round fruits which turn black upon ripening; firm, shiny yellow flesh with red veins, and good flavour.
Ripening takes place in the second ten days of July.

Black Star plums

Susine Black Star

Medium crop capacity and good fruit size. Highly prone to bacterial blight and phytoplasma disease. Medium-vigour tree, self-incompatible.
Large, round fruits which turn darker upon ripening;
Ripening takes place in the first ten days of July.


Tc Sun plums

Susine Tc Sun

The tree is vigorous, with a spreading habit, constant high crop capacity, and self-incompatible. Large, round fruits with an even black colour; firm, creamy yellow flesh with good flavour. Harvest: at the end of August.

Olbinaja plums

Susine Olbinaja

The medium-vigour tree, with a very open habit, has early start of fruiting and constant, high crop capacity, and is self-incompatible. Medium to large round, asymmetrical fruits , with a purplish red hue and a wax bloom; medium-firm orangey yellow flesh, juicy, sweet, and aromatic, with a semi-free stone. Harvest: in mid-July.

California Blue plums


European variety of an originally Californian plum with medium-vigour tree, offering a constant, high crop capacity. The fruit has pink to purplish blue skin, with yellow flesh, and ripens in August.

President plums


President plums are one of the finest European plums; with its gnarled trunk, brown wrinkled bark, this medium/high-vigour tree offers an even, constant crop capacity. The President variety features large attractive fruits with an elongated shape. The skin is a dark purple colour. The flesh is firm and yellowish in colour, and features a free stone and good flavour. Ripening takes place in the first ten days of September.